Offering a variety of exclusive services for schools and districts in the areas of keynote presentations, data analysis, strategic planning, and process facilitation.
Here are two possible scenarios to explain what your school or district is facing:
  • Your school or district is achieving great gains but you’re not sure what exactly is working—and what isn’t.
  • You aren’t doing that well but you’re not sure where to start to turn things around.
Movement Matters helps schools take the quality of instruction and student learning (and test scores) to a whole new level by:
  • Accurately pinpointing the constituents that are positively impacting test scores, and those that are not
  • Providing data analysis that helps align decision-making with data
  • Encouraging professional development and dialogue
Contact Dr. Perry Wiseman today to find out more about on-site introductory presentations, full day interactive workshops, and/or on-going consultation. You can also get a downloadable or DVD copy of the presentation by visiting the Products page.

Strong Schools, Strong Leaders
“From three experts in PLCs comes some sage advice about the meaning of Professional Learning Communities and the strategies for attaining them. It is in the latter endeavor, strategies, that these three authors make their most important contribution to the literature on school leadership. It is easy to tell you that you must establish teamwork, for instance, but much more difficult to give you real, practical suggestions for doing so. They have accomplished this in spades. A must read for all principals and aspiring school leaders.”

- Thomas Harvey, author of Checklist for Change; The Practical Decision Maker; Building Teams, Building People; The Politically Intelligent Leader; Resistance to Change
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“Dr. Perry Wiseman is an engaging presenter who has the knowledge to support principals in improving student achievement. [Since] the time he presented to our administrators, we have seen a significant change in the conversations our principals are having regarding student growth. His process, Movement Matters, is indeed the best we have seen. Dr. Wiseman will positively impact how you look at student outcomes.”
Dr. Martinrex Kedziora
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services & Past President of the California League of Middle Schools

"Dr. Wiseman is a brilliant fellow who believes with passion and he is very knowledgeable on the topic of PLC. The presentation was lively that I was very attentive all through and it was even better to make us be a part by actively participating and sharing our ideas. I liked the strategy he used to select people to answer questions. The culminating activity was evolving and an eye-opener how much we understood the components of PLC. As it takes two to tango, the PLC model is good prescription for schools to achieve the common goal of us all: student improvement."

Anthony Ikebudu, Teacher, Los Angeles Unified School District
"What Perry Wiseman manages to achieve is a useful synthesis of multiple ideas and strategies, presented in a compact, readable form. He imparts his ideas clearly and backs them up with ample examples, which ably move the reader from theory into practice. This book contains information that would be of interest to any school administrator, regardless of length of tenure in that capacity. It would be especially valuable to a novice school leader or anyone needing an easily comprehensible roadmap for guiding and molding a fragmented school into a functional, unified community."

- Journal of Educational Administration

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